You need not wait to live your life fully in the future.
You live your life fully now.
This is Zen.Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, 4th generation Shaolin successor

zen chan 1All Zen is training of the mind. Our minds are instrumental in each moment of our lives, so correct Zen practice will enable us to do better in anything we do.

Although the term "Zen" originally refers to a school of meditation developed in the original Shaolin monasteries, Zen does not necessitate monkhood. Countless ordinary people practice it as a rewarding part of their everyday lives.

Zen is characteristically simple, direct and effective. As in all meditation, achieving a calm and focused mind is also one of the fundamental aims of Zen.

In our school, Zen is present in all our teaching. At our Chi Kung and Kungfu-courses, the very first lesson is to enter a Zen state of mind. As the student progresses, his / her Zen practice progresses hand in hand with other training. Shaolin Nordic also organizes teaching exclusively focused in Zen.


Please see our A Year of Zen -course, which is also suitable for beginners


Beginners course