The practice of Taijiquan itself is triple-cultivation, i.e. cultivating the physical, the energy and the spirit.Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, 4th generation Shaolin successor

taijiquan tai chi taiji 1Taijiquan is a martial art, unique in its way of using flowing movement, graceful execution of techniques, and turning the opponents strenght against him. Practicing Taijiquan promotes strenght, elegance, confidence, courage, health and a high energy level.

Its name is derived from the Chinese term "taiji quanfa", with "taiji" referring to "Cosmos", and "quanfa" to "martial art", respectively. In other words, Taiji, Tai Chi, Tai Chi Chuan and Taijiquan all indicate the same thing - "Cosmos Kungfu", a martial art for health, spiritual cultivation and combat efficiency.

Taijiquan was developed during the Song dynasty in a Shaolin monastery in China by the patriarch Zhang Sanfeng, who combined internal cultivation, Shaolin Kungfu and Zen into a characteristic form of training. At his time, this art was known as "Wudang Kungfu" in honor of its birthplace, the Shaolin Wudang monastery.

At Shaolin Nordic, we teach Taijiquan honoring its original purpose as a traditional martial art.

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