Feelings come and go like clouds in a windy sky.
Concious breathing is my anchor.Zen monk Thich Nhat Hanh

chikung qigong 2 vChi kung (qigong) is a traditional Chinese method for health, vitality and personal development. All genuine, high-level chi kung is comprehensive as well as effective in its results. Throughout its history, our school’s art of Shaolin Chi Kung has been practiced by both monks as well as laymen alike.

Some examples of expected results of correct practice:

  • Freedom from stress
  • The ability to remain relaxed and calm
  • The ability for effortless concentration
  • A considerable rise in general energy level
  • The ability to recover quickly from any physical or mental strain or wear
  • Holistic health and well-being; freedom from illness or health problems
  • An increase in both mental and physical performance
  • Happiness, gratitude, and appreciation for all life

Practicing Shaolin Chi Kung is generally calm and relaxing. Its internal skills, such as achieving a meditative state of mind and a state of deep relaxation, are emphasized over the outward form and movements used in the training. Fundamental chi kung exercises are simple and easy to learn, and do not require athleticism - practically anyone can start.

All good results require daily practice.

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