Zen meditation beginners course

Zen meditation beginners course

What you are, and will be, is what you think.

Sifu Wong Kiew Kit, 4th generation Shaolin successor

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zen chan 5In Zen training, being able to calm, to focus and to deepen your conscious mind are integral aims. At our beginner’s course, you will start learning these skills from the very basics, and then progress systematically. Both fresh beginners as well as advanced practitioners will benefit from the course, which will address objectives ranging from having a healthy, calm mind, to dedicated, advanced Zen training.

Zen in our school is not involved with religion. but aims purely for practical benefits. The focus of the beginner’s course is to take the first important steps on the long, invaluable path of training of the mind. First and foremost, we wish to ensure that our students will be able to build a strong foundation for safe and beneficial practice. Much like in physical training, meditation also requires correct and consistent practice for lasting, good results.

Since also correct form and a healthy body are very useful factors in Zen training, we also include body care, such as holistic stretching and various approaches to the physical forms of meditation, in our curriculum. However, the exercises learned at the course do not require flexibility - anyone can practise them.

Course content

  • Deep relaxation
  • “Entering Zen”; clearing the mind and effortless concentration
  • Opening the form and the body: Correct posture, meditation forms, and stretching
  • Meditation: Standing, sitting, lying down
  • Safe, beneficial daily training
  • Basic applications of Zen in work and daily life
  • Philosophy: the aims and depth of Zen

Course aims

  • To attain a basic understanding of the meaning and scope of Zen.
  • To acquire the skills of deep relaxation, effortless concentration, and clearing the mind of all thoughts
  • To be able to practice Zen safely, correctly and effectively
  • To experience the benefits of meditation training, such as having a calm and stress-free mind, deepened consciousness and clarity of thinking

The course will be conducted in Helsinki by Sifu Nessa Kahila. Teaching is in Finnish.

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