Taijiquan Beginners Course

Taijiquan Beginners Course

Using order to deal with the disorderly, using calm to deal with the clamorous, is mastering the heart.

Sun Tzu

taijiquan tai chi taiji 6In Taijiquan, flowing and graceful movements conceal an effective martial art.

Although in training, Taijiquan is often calm and relaxing, in combat it is fast and explosive. In Taijiquan application, the opponent’s own force is used against him, so it offers an excellent alternative for smaller sized practitioners against bigger and stronger opponents.

At our beginner’s course, you will learn all the fundamentals for using Taijiquan both as a martial art, and as a method for personal development and well-being. Taijiquan-training, which favors meditation and a smooth flow of movements, is excellent for health and internal balance. Likewise, Chi Kung and practical combat training are crucial in our teaching. Right from the start, you will learn to use techniques practically and efficiently, and combine them in improvisation and free application.

Adults of all ages are welcome to attend. However, our training is progressively intensive, so being reasonably healthy for continuous physical activity is a basic requirement for attending our Kungfu courses. Those with persistent health problems should first aim for regaining good health before taking up Taijiquan, for which we recommend our school’s Chi Kung.

Course content

  • Fundamental Chi Kung practice
  • Fundamental force training: Wuji-stance, Lifting Water, Three Circle Stance, Chi Kung stretching
  • Fundamental combat training: The first Taijiquan combat sequence, Grasping Sparrow's Tail, training between partners
  • Kungfu footwork: stances, steps and improvisation
  • Skills: correct spacing, correct timing, good judgment
  • Fundamental meditation practice

Course aims

  • To attain a basic understanding of the meaning and scope of Taijiquan
  • To learn basic application and improvisation using Taijiquan techniques and footwork
  • To acquire good first benefits in Taijiquan force training
  • To be able to put Taijiquan principles, such as rooting, flowing movement, waist rotation, Ying Yang differentiation, and entering Tao, to practical use.
  • To be able to confidently and effectively enter and apply deep relaxation and meditative state of mind
  • To have an experience of training and using Taijiquan as an effective martial art

The course will be conducted in Helsinki by Sifu Nessa Kahila. Teaching is in Finnish.

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