Shaolin Kungfu beginners course

Shaolin Kungfu beginners course

The term 'Kungfu' refers to great skill acquired through constant practice.

Translated from Chinese

sifu skf 2Our Shaolin Kungfu beginner’s course offers a comprehensive approach to the art of Shaolin Kungfu. You will learn traditional methods for Kungfu force training, footwork, combat skills, basic fighting techniques and application. Genuine Shaolin Kungfu training is both external and internal, so all our training also includes Zen meditation and Chi Kung.

We practice Shaolin Kungfu as a complete program for personal development. In addition to combat efficiency, practicing also contributes to health, well-being and peak performance. The focus is on practical use: in our school, students are taught to apply Kungfu skills and strategies effectively in both combat situations, as well as in their daily lives.

Adults of all ages are welcome to attend. However, our training is progressively intensive, so being reasonably healthy for continuous physical activity is a basic requirement for attending our Kungfu courses. Those with persistent health problems should first aim for regaining good health, for which we recommend our school’s Shaolin Chi Kung -training.

Course content

  • Fundamental Chi Kung -training
  • Fundamental force training: stance training and Chi Kung -stretching
  • One Finger Zen force training set
  • Kungfu footwork: basic steps, movements and improvisation
  • Four first Shaolin Kungfu -combat sequences
  • Skills: correct spacing, correct timing, good judgment
  • Basic kicks, grips and fells, and defending against them
  • Basic meditation

Course aims

  • To attain a basic understanding of the meaning and scope of Shaolin Kungfu
  • To learn basic application and improvisation using Kungfu techniques and footwork
  • To acquire good first benefits in Kungfu force training
  • To be able to confidently and effectively enter and apply deep relaxation and meditative state of mind
  • To have an experience of training and using Shaolin Kungfu as an effective martial art

The course will be held in Helsinki by Sifu Markus Kahila. Teaching is in Finnish.