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For our advanced students, we offer teaching at our ongoing weekly classes and courses. Normally our training season continues throughout the year, from August to Midsummer in June, but occasionally we will also organize special events and courses during the Summer months.

We welcome all students who've graduated from our beginners courses to attend our advanced classes.

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zen chan 12 vLast year we had our first year-long “A Year of Zen” -meditation program, and in Kungfu training, have focused especially on practical combat training. The shared benefit for both these approaches is that they’re effective ways to achieve a strong and relaxed mind.

Now, this Autumn we will hold a two day course, which aims to build the best foundation for meditation through the practice of Shaolin Chi Kung. We will start from the fundamentals of chi kung, and advance through exercises for health, vitality and internal force towards the art of meditation. The course is suitable for practitioners of all levels, and also fresh beginners are welcome to attend!


The course will be held on the October 12th and 19th 2023 in Helsinki. Contact us if you have any questions!



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In Fall 2023, the main theme for our advanced kungfu students will be using kungfu against kickboxing. The five sparring methods taught during the Spring season will be the foundation for the majority of partner training, and we'll also keep expanding the application of kungfu to tactics and strategies. In individual practice, the students will be familiarized with techniques and applications that are best suitable for them, and towards the end of the Fall season students will also compose their first very own kungfu set.


In force training, we will be focusing on fa jing, ie. "exerting force". In internal training, our theme is the skill to maintain a relaxed body and calm mind even under a lot of pressure.


Teaching begins on August 17th 2023 in Helsinki.


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