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For our advanced students, we offer teaching at our ongoing weekly classes and courses. Normally our training season continues throughout the year, from August to Midsummer in June, but occasionally we will also organize special events and courses during the Summer months.

We welcome all students who've graduated from our beginners courses to attend our advanced classes.

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NOTE!   If you wish to attend advanced classes, but are concerned about the ongoing covid-situation and would like to maintain social distancing at our classes, please mention this in your application so we can organize the safest possible teaching for you.



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During Autumn season of 2021, our advanced Shaolin Kungfu students will focus especially on free application, which we will approach in three ways: developing the skill of sensing the opponent's intention with "asking bridges"; improving flowing movement by using felling, gripping and ground techniques; and spontaneus reaction to various attacks and combat situations by controlled sparring training.

We will start from just a few techniques, but increase both our repertoire and the element of threat as the training progresses. To complement our combat training, we will emphasize exercises and methods improving and maintaining both physical health as well as deepening the meditative mind.

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The theme for this Autumn will be improving skills and application. Students will focus on 5-10 techniques from those they've already learned, and practice them with the aim of increasing confidence, courage and skill to use them well in any situation, against any kind of opponent.

The significance of mind training through Zen-meditation will also be emphasized. A strong, focused mind is a great asset for any kungfu practitioner, in fighting as well as in daily life.

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