shaolin kungfu 7Shaolin Nordic is first and foremost a traditional kungfu school. In our kungfu practice, the emphasis is on effective practical applications for both combat as well as daily life. For this purpose, we offer our students a systematic training syllabus, which aims for good results in a productive and efficient time frame. Our syllabus, which is structured into twelve progressive levels, can be roughly divided in three different phases: Basic stage, Intermediate stage, and Advanced stage.

Our students also have the opportunity to learn classical, specialized Shaolin sets and arts, as well as also kungfu styles outside the Shaolin tradition. Find more information about our specialized kungfu arts here.


Basic training

Our practice starts from fundamental kungfu combat and force training. Kungfu footwork, techniques, stances and combat skills for realistic application are systematically taught through selected basic techniques. We use 16 basic combat sequences, various partner drills and sparring modes, and teach tactics and strategies as well as build the foundation for the consistent and beneficial practice of chi kung, zen meditation and kungfu principles. Controlled sparring begins during the beginners course, and free sparring within the first nine months of training. Depending on the student, basic training lasts for two years or more.

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Intermediate training

At the intermediate level, our students are taught their first classical Shaolin Kungfu set, "Crossroads at the Four Gates". We pay a lot of attention to building and deepening the skills and tactics found in this set. In addition, the basics of kungfu weapons are taught through the practice of the sabre and the staff. Individual strenghts of the students, as well as different ways of fighting to best suit each student, are increasingly emphasized, and used to guide the students towards their first kungfu specializations. Depending on the student, intermediate stage lasts for one year or more.

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Advanced Training

Advanced training starts from learning and deepening the students' first specializations, which may be their chosen kungfu sets, styles or arts. Also advanced unarmed and armed fighting methodology will be taught at this stage. Subsequent training introduces more freedom for the students to indepentently focus on different areas in their practice, or to expand their repertoire. We will also offer further teaching in various kungfu arts and skills to best advance the students' goals and development.

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shaolin kungfu 11Basic Training

Level 1:   The Fundamentals of Shaolin Kungfu

Beginners course. Kungfu basics and the foundations of practical application. Read more about our introductory course.

Level 2:   Lohan Asks The Way

First kungfu set "Lohan Asks The Way". Deepening force training and combat application. Controlled sparring modes and the art of "Asking Bridges".

Level 3:   Black Tiger Steals Heart

Pressing attack, flowing techniques, instantaneous change. Free sparring using kungfu.

Level 4:   Fierce Tiger Speeds Through Valley

Four new combat sequences. Tactics and strategies and applying them. Adding more subtle techniques to the basic repertoire.

Level 5:   Happy Bird Hops Up A Branch

Four new combat sequences. Deepening the applications of kicking and leg techniques. Expanding tactics and strategies.

Level 6:   Felling Tree With Roots

Four new combat sequences. Deepening the applications of felling and gripping techniques. Applying advanced breathing methods under pressure.


shaolin kungfu 10Intermediate Training

Level 7:   Crossroads At The Four Gates

Classic Shaolin Kungfu set "Crossroads at the Four Gates", and its force training, combat applications, tactics and strategies.

Level 8:   Shaolin Staff

Classic kungfu staff set "Ho Family Flowing Water Staff", and applying it to learn the principles and methods of weapon training for combat.

Level 9:   Shaolin Sabre

Classic kungfu sabre set "Plum Flower Sabre", and combat training between different weapons focusing on the staff and the sabre.


shaolin kungfu 3Advanced Training

Level 10:   Unarmed Against Armed

Learning and deepening the first specialized kungfu style or set. Combat training for unarmed against single armed opponent.

Level 11:   Unarmed against Multiple Unarmed

Learning and deepening the first specialized kungfu art. Combat training for unarmed against multiple unarmed opponents.

Level 12:   Unarmed Against Multiple Armed

Deepening learned kungfu specializations, or learning new ones. Combat training for unarmed against multiple armed opponents.


After level 12 the students can continue training in their chosen arts or to expand their repertoire at our classes, in which we will offer our ongoing teaching, support and advice.