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    Welcome to our Spring beginners and advanced courses!

  • Shaolin Kungfu

    The original martial art born in the legendary Shaolin monasteries of China.

  • Taijiquan

    An effective martial art, and a path to cultivating the body, the mind and the spirit.

  • The Shaolin arts

    High-level arts perfected through centuries of uninterrupted practice.

  • Zen

    Your mind is present in each and every moment of your life. Can you harness its full potential?

Shaolin Nordic is a school for traditional Chinese internal and martial arts.

Our arts have been transmitted from the original Shaolin temples in an unbroken lineage, from master to student, for nearly 1500 years.

shaolin 2 vOur teaching includes:

  • Chi Kung (Qigong)A path to health, vitality and personal development
  • Shaolin Kungfu and TaijiquanTraditional martial arts and programs for holistic cultivation
  • ZenA complete method for cultivating the mind and the spirit

Shaolin Nordic is a part of the international Shaolin Wahnam Institute, which is dedicated to preserving and transmitting genuine Chinese martial and internal arts to posterity. The institute was founded in 1982 by Shaolin Grandmaster Wong Kiew Kit.