What does Shaolin Kungfu offer?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:40

shaolin-kungfu-sparring-4Shaolin Kungfu can be practised at many different levels, depending on the practitioners orientation and ability.

At its basic level, Shaolin Kungfu offers radiant health, vitality and good skills for self-defense. At the middle level, the training enables to be efficent and successful in all areas of life. At the highest level, Shaolin Kungfu is a very effective method for spiritual cultivation, paving the way towards the highest spiritual fulfillment.

All of the above benefits are present even at basic training - the emphasis and overall result depends on the practitioner and the quality of practice. It bears mentioning that Shaolin Kungfu training also helps to enrich the lives of others: Through correct practice, the student becomes compassionate, courageous and learns to uphold high moral standards.

The ideals for Shaolin Kungfu training are the Scholar Warrior and the Warrion Monk.

  • A Scholar Warrior is not only combat efficent, but also highly cultured in philosophy, arts and sciences.
  • A Warrior Monk is committed to nurturing courage, compassion and wisdom at their highest level.

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