What is Shaolin Kungfu?
Thursday, 23 September 2010 09:37

shaolin-kungfu-sparring-1Shaolin Kungfu is a martial art that was born in China's legendary Shaolin monastery. It has been said to be the oldest fighting art alive. The history of Shaolin Kungfu spans more than 1500 years, during which it has branched to numerous different kungfu-styles such as Tai Chi Chuan-, Hung Gar-, Praying Mantis-, Wing Chun- and Choy Lee Fut -kungfu, and many more. Throughout the centuries, Shaolin Kungfu has been practised by both monks as well as lay disciples.

Many consider Shaolin Kungfu to be the best martial art in the world. This is not only because of its usefulness in any real life combat situations, but also due to its practice which holistically develops all the qualities and abilities of a person. The resulting benefits of training go way beyond fighting prowess to health, personal development and mental as well as spiritual cultivation, which make Shaolin Kungfu a unique martial art of the highest level.

The combat techniques of Shaolin Kungfu are typically straightforward and effective, which are also the characteristics of Zen. However, it is marked by compassion and wisdom: A Shaolin Kungfu exponent nurtures life, avoids violence and seeks peaceful solutions that benefit everybody.

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