Shaolin today
Thursday, 16 September 2010 10:00

shaolin-kungfu-practicing-3In the past, the Shaolin arts were closely guarded treasures reserved only for a select few. Many were prepared to sacrifice all their time and their possessions to receive even low-level teaching in these arts. During the times of Dynastic China, Shaolin training was considered to be the apex of development in chi kung as well as in kungfu, and stories of famous Shaolin exponents remain as legends even today.

Nowadays genuine Shaolin arts are exceedingly rare. The tradition has been threatened to be lost completely due to China's turbulent recent history, and it is now extremely hard to find in Asia or anywhere else in the world. As genuine training has disappeared, western forms of exercise have been brought to replace traditional chi kung-, force-, and combat training, leading to widespread adulteration of the arts.

The main goal of Shaolin Wahnam institute is to preserve genuine, traditional Shaolin arts, and to pass them on to deserving students. We consider ourselves very fortunate to be able to carry on the original teaching of the past masters in an unbroken lineage, and to confirm the greatness of the Shaolin arts in the results of our own practice.


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