Practicing the Shaolin arts
Thursday, 16 September 2010 09:58

chi-kung-practicing-1Practicing the Shaolin arts can offer a multitude of different benefits for different people, depending on the practice and its aims. However, a shared benefit for all Shaolin training is excellent health and vitality - this is largely due to the integral role of chi kung in all genuine Shaolin arts.

Genuine Shaolin arts can be readily recognized from their results: A Shaolin Chi Kung practitioner is healthy, energetic and happy. A Shaolin Kungfu exponent is characteristically efficent and practical in all areas of life, also exemplifying compassion and righteousness. A Zen practitioner demonstrates clarity of mind and inner peace in all situations.

All Shaolin training requires daily practice. Chi kung offers a lot through relatively small effort, whereas kungfu demands serious commitment, correspondingly offering even more. Zen practice can vary from light training to all-encompassing, depending on the practitioner. 

The sole reason for practicing is getting excellent practical benefits. In Shaolin Wahnam, our curriculum is created to help students get the best results. However, all our students are guided to compose their own training programs based on their needs, aims and objectives.


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